March 27th, 2011

The Beat Magazine: "Navicula Comes from the Shadows.."

*Published by the Beat Magazine on March 17, 2011. Click here to read this article on the Beat Magazine official website.

The Battle of the Bands competition at Hard Rock Cafe served up talent, fun and a few surprises. In the end, after three consecutive nights of competition, the scores were tallied and the best band on the night won the lot.

Last night the Grand Final of the Battle of the Bands was held at HRC Bali with five bands competing for US$ 2000 in cash and the chance of a ticket to the worldwide Battle of the Bands competition which culminates in London in June.

It appeared from the outset that the bands who played the first qualifier two nights before, Navicula and Tol Band Tol had the advantage on the three groups that had played the previous night. The days break freshened them up while the other three, Superman is Dead, Hocuzpocuz and Jeemzee were flatter on this occasion. Also, song selection played an important part in the process and may have let some bands down.

In the end, there was only one choice to be made. The first band out on stage, Navicula, put on the best and most solid performance of any band and worked the competition like seasoned pros. The first adjudicated song received the highest points of any in the entire competition from the judges and set the bar way too high for the rest.

Final Positions:

  1. Navicula
  2. Superman is Dead
  3. Tol Band Tol
  4. Hocuzpocuz
  5. Jeemzee
  • lucky lukmansyah

    long live rock n roll….. to the navicula….. keep playing your music and make people aware to the disaster which can endanger them selves. from lucky lukmansyah “peace and love” in Padang. West Sumatera


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